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Air Conditioning


Air Conditioning

Some like it hot, some like it cold.

Air conditioning and refrigeration are currently driving construction and industrial sector markets, because air treatment contributes to the psycho-physical people’s well-being. ZetaCell offers air ducts insulation solutions using coupled and adhesive materials that improve the insulating properties and facilitate the installation phase.

Bs2d0-Type / 30 kg density / 10 mm
Air ducts

FR-Type / 30 kg density / 3 mm
+ self adhesive coating layer
Adhesive bands for joints

FR-Type / 30 kg density / 15 mm
+ self-adhesive coating layer
Chilled water storage tanks

Bs2d0-Type / 30 kg density / 11 mm
+ PE film
Anti condensation

Bs2d0-Type / 30 kg density / 7 mm
+ aluminium foil
Silver Coated copper tube

N/Bs2d0-Type / 30 kg density / 3 mm
+ self adhesive coating layer
HVAC Insulation panels