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The best performance comes from long-lasting cooperation.

Zetaesse has developed a ten-year partnership with several automotive manufacturers. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility ZetaCell is widely used for sunblind doors production as well as for counter doors, trays, rear-view mirrors, vibration dampers, gaskets, etc.
We are always ready for new challenges in many other industries where reliability and durability are required.

HD-Type / 80 kg density / 4 mm
Air ducts

HD-Type / 130 kg density / 4 mm
Door panels / Water shields

HD-Type / 90 kg density / 3 mm
+ self adhesive coating layer
Boot trays / Trunk liners

N-Type / 40 kg density / 10 mm
Maritime floating hoses

N-Type / 50 kg / 5 mm
Sun visors

Soft-Type / 30 kg density / 10 mm
Vehicle gap fillers / Vibration dampers

FR Type / 30kg / 10 mm
+ self adhesive coating layer
Garage wall bumper